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How is Kampala Uganda’s night life Like;where can I hang out,relax and enjoy an evening out with friends in Kampala?

How is Kampala Uganda’s night life Like;where can I hang out,relax and enjoy an evening out with friends in Kampala?

Prominent Kampala Hangouts,pubs,and Bars

Hang outs, Pubs and Bars in Kampala
Drinking Pubs and bars are a blend of styled bars with rustic African décor, pool tables and special dance floors, Full pubs with hang out for many foreigners (locally called Mzungu) and the clubs with music, drinks and everything. Many Ugandans are funs of clubs and will get their dancing shoes on for every day of the week.
Bubbles Olearly’s Pub is an Irish Pub in Kampala located on Acacia avenue. It offers lunch, breakfast, stews,steaks and is an evening in pub for whites working or visiting Kampala. Authentic hangout with theme nights, cold beers, wide screen for international games and Premier league matches and so much more
Kyoto Restaurant on Shimoni road Kampala and at Centenary Park serves cold beers, excellent steaks and grilled meats to enjoy. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Revellers and the crowd at Kyoto are standard basically good for dining. The music is fairly loud making a good ambiance to hang out for weekends and evenings
Fat Boyz at Kisementi is surely fun. Lots of wines and Beers served cold, loud music and a few white revelers (Bazungu). There are grilled meats and fast foods enjoy in the comfortable furniture.

Wagadougou located near Kisementi is purely African. The crowd is both white and Africans served with refreshing beers and wines at cheaper prices compared other hangouts in Kampala. There is a towering balcony to take sight of kampala’s neon lights and activity at Kisementi
Boda Boda on Garden City rooftop is a great place to find the Kampala’s corporate world. The beers are cheap, great food, cocktails, grilled meats, friendly staff and music. There are pool tables and a dance floor to get jiggy all night long.

Mateos Kampala road is open 24/7 serves ice cream, expensive cocktails, beer and cold soft drinks. It is  a good place to start your night fun
Kabalagala and Kasanga are lively throughout the night with a number of streets lined with bars, pubs and clubs. This Kampala suburb is actually good place to visit for drinking and dancing all night along.

Capital Pub is a famous hang out in Kabalagala made up of 5 different bars with pool table and blurring music to dance to. The pub is grass thatched with wooden stools and high vaulted ceiling.  It is the place to visit all through the week. Be cautious of the ‘women of the night’ prostitutes that you’ll find here. It is a favorite spot for Bazungu’s and a few Ugandans. It is open 24/7 although the days are quiet and more peace compared to the nights
Al’s Bar in Kansaga  opens every day 24/7 with wines, beers, pool table and music. It is lively in the wee hours of the night (at 2am). Many night revelers end their night trail at Al’s Bar. It is a fun place to go dancing and of course drink yourself silly! It is another pub to catch Uganda’s bazungu and loads of prostitutes. Be Careful with your property.
Hunter’s Pub Kasanga has fun reggae nights on Sunday and attracts a large crowd of Rastafarian and wannabe reggae artists in Kampala. The nights are fun, grilled meats and tea.
Half London is more reserved hangout and pub in Kasanga. Pool table, drinks, beers, grilled meats and music are part of the ambiance at Half London. It is another place to catch the ‘women of the night’ chasing after white men ‘bazungu’.
Victoria Tavern is a stylish modern pub and hangout on Kampala road. Wednesdays are good with visiting DJs, nice music, dance floor is spacious as the rest of the pub. Fairly priced drinks, wines, cocktails, steak and whisky.
Jokers is a large bungalow on Buganda road with several in house bars, muchomo (Grilled meats), dining and cold drinks. Quiet place with not many revelers except corporate who enjoy the ambiance and comfortable furniture.
Steak Out also located on Buganda road is a popular hangout for youth, whites, tourists and everyone. Beers and other drinks are served cold and quite cheaply. Lots of chicken, fast food, muchomo and loud music to dance to all night long.
Rock Garden at Speke Hotel in uptown Kampala is quiet hang out open with terrace bars and restaurants for the whole night. Watch out for Kampala’s prostitute on the street chasing after white men and single men who visit without company of any female. There is great food and drinks although somewhat expensive.
Club Obbligato at Little flowers bat valley on Bombo road is a good place to catch live music and one of Uganda’s oldest music bands Afrigo. There are theme weekend nights, live band and visiting big Ugandan artists. It is an excellent place to dance to music from the 80s and 90s.
Sabrina’s Pub on Bombo road is located in Kampala business centre, just a few minutes walk from Club Obbligato. There are a couple of bars, pool table, a large stage for live performances and Karaoke. You will fortunately catch up on Uganda’s musicians doing a show there over the weekend.
Rhino Bar at Sheraton Kampala Hotel is fairly crowded. It is great on Fridays and Saturdays with corporats heading out to night clubs  like silk and Angenoir.

Where are Kampala’s dance clubs found?

Dance Clubs
There are many night clubs and dance halls around Kampala. To attract night revelers, the night clubs create theme night for every week day at particular charges. Normally, entrance is cheap but the drinks and steak served are expensive.
Club Silk is Kampala’s number one night spot with 2 dance floors, great music by played in house DJs, theme nights, and several bars. There is a section for VIPs called Silk Royale with separate facilities for the high class revelers. You’ll surely catch up on Uganda’s musicians here at least one in a while. Every first Friday of the month is techno night-crazy music, Djs and revelers are normally whites and phunky youth!
Angenoir rivals to Club Silk with spacious dance floor. There is also a VIP section preferably called Ange Mystique for the upper class and corporate revelers-different facilities, bars, foods and dance floors. The biggest nights are Wednesday (for Ladies night- free entrance to ladies before mid night) and Saturday which the East African night (get ready for performances from some East African musicians)
Club Volts located in Entebbe near Nkumba University on Entebbe Kampala Highway. Many of the revelers are students and youth having a lot of fun on theme nights.
Club Rouge is a famous spot and club to visit during the early hours of the night. The ambiance is warm, stylish with a touch of class.  Although the dance area is small, the club is packed with revelers every day and hosts many international artists that visit Uganda such as Shaggy, Brick n Lace, Sean Kingston and R. Kelly to mention a few. Fun
Other clubs in Kampala include 9 degrees and amnesia on Kampala, T1 and Club Pa Lui at Ntinda Shopping Mall among many others.
Comedy nights
Stand up comedy is growing fast on the entertainment scene in Uganda. There are a several of Uganda’s celebrated comedians that will get your ribs cracking at National theater (Thursday night), theater factory at Hotel Africana, Pablo at Open House on Bombo Road (Wednesdays) and many other popular hangouts in Kampala.
Live Music and bands
There is a growing culture for live performances from Uganda’s best artists. Catch Afrigo Band at Obbligato, Sabrina’s pub, Qwela band at BBQ Lounge at Centenary park on Wednesday, Unplugged at Club Silk Lounge every last Thursday in the month and Monday nights at the National theater are great.
Some of the restaurants in Kampala have live music every evening played by in house bands to accompany guest on dinners.

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