Most Expensive Penthouse In Naguru, Kampala.
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Most Expensive Penthouse In Naguru, Kampala.

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Unveiling The Complex

Embedded within Naguru’s vibrant landscape, this 36-unit luxury apartment complex is in a class of its own. Set to be completed soon, it already exhibits unparalleled architectural design and modern aesthetics. As we walk through this complex, we encounter a three-bedroom apartment and a four-bedroom penthouse that embody the essence of opulence and convenience.


The Three-Bedroom Apartment: Upscale Living Redefined

The three-bedroom apartment, available for $3,000 per calendar month, is a marvel of contemporary design and sophistication. The apartment features a minimalist yet classy layout with ample natural light, a spacious formal living area, and well-furnished rooms, offering tenants a stylish and comfortable living experience.
Modern conveniences such as a pool, gym, steam, sauna, pharmacy, and restaurant come standard with this luxury development.


The Four-Bedroom Penthouse: A Beacon of Elegance

The four-bedroom penthouse, spanning an impressive 500 square metres, is an epitome of luxury. Available for $5,000 per calendar month, this haven showcases grandeur at its best. With floor-to-ceiling doors that open to an expansive terrace offering breathtaking views of Lake Victoria and the city, it promises a lifestyle of unrivalled elegance.
The penthouse oozes sophistication, standing out as the piece de resistance of the complex.”


Pros of the Property

Pros of the Property

Luxury Living: The apartment complex sets new standards in luxury, offering top-notch facilities and amenities.
Prime Location: Located in Naguru, one of Kampala’s most desirable neighbourhoods, this property enjoys close proximity to restaurants, bars, excellent schools, and top-rated medical centres.
Convenience: The Northern Bypass offers easy accessibility, making it a convenient location for frequent travellers.
Security: The complex provides top-tier protection to its residents, making it a safe and secure living space.


Pros of the Property

Pricey: With luxury comes a hefty price tag. The rental rates may be on the higher side for many potential tenants.
Limited Availability: With only 36 units available, demand may outstrip supply.
Ongoing Construction: As the complex is still under construction, early tenants may experience noise and disturbance.



This luxury apartment complex in Naguru has undoubtedly raised the bar for Ugandan real estate. Its design, amenities, and location make it a highly desirable choice for affluent individuals who value convenience, security, and a high standard of living.
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